Cameron Matthew Ray

Dallas, Texas



Honest lyrics, mixed with finger picking, powerful voice, and even a clarinet from time to time, is the music of Cameron Matthew Ray. He's a Duncanville, TX native who now resides in Dallas, TX. In the past, he's shared the stage with artists such as Griffin House, Gungor, David Cook, and many more. Ray brings emotion to the stage that captivates audiences.  

Ray's first EP C M R is a handful of acoustic recordings unmixed and unmastered recorded in his room. They are a journey of his last couple years fighting depression and anxiety.  "After hearing his C M R EP, I can see why. The songs on the surface are simple, but Mr. Ray’s sincere story telling style hits you straight in the heart. Songs like “Lullaby (For Emily)”,  are simple yet sweet, and his voice is very expressive, allowing every line to come alive."  -Ghost of Blind Lemmon.

Ray is currently working on his first full length, expected to be released in Summer of 2016